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  • G-Lader ABC - In our YouTube playlist you can find all videos so far
    G-Lader ABC - In our YouTube playlist you can find all videos so far
  • We did it! Theibach TP G70 G-Lader
    We did it! Theibach TP G70 G-Lader
  • Online shop for mobile devices
    Experience our new online shop now also on all mobile devices.
  • Our TP G65 G-charger 2.0
    Our TP G65 G-charger 2.0 is in our Online-Shop available and quickly shippable.
  • Spare and tuning parts for your vehicle
    You can get the right spare and tuning parts from us for all areas for your vehicle.
  • Racing / motorsport parts
    You are active in race/motorsport? We will gladly supply you with the appropriate parts!
  • Spare parts for your G40/G60/G65 g-charger
    You can get all spare parts for your g-charger from us. Used and factory new G40/G60/G65 g-charger.
  • LowTec coilover
    Innovative coilovers from LowTec make it possible to produce extreme lowering without loss of comfort.
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Theibach performance - more than 20 years of G-charger experience

Tobias TheibachThe company was founded in 1999 by Tobias Theibach. What started with a side business was run full-time from 2012. Over the last 10 years, we have continued to develop and even launched a specially developed G65 G-charger. During this time, our product range was expanded to many models.
Allready seen? We have our own YouTube channel with instructions on the G40 and G60 charger sands and many more videos about tuning.
Online shop business with spare and tuning parts
For VW and Audi vehicles
Special for Youngtimer
Specially developed G65 G-charger
Wide selection of universal intercooler
Detailed and well-founded advice
Fast shipping to 29 European countries