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Cylinder head studs ARP G60

Cylinder head studs ARP G60
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Product no.: g60-159.204-4701
Gewicht: 1,500 kg
Manufacturer: ARP
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ARP stud bolts - Kit for all VW and Audi 827 engines - 1,5 - 2,0 ltr 8V cylinder heads like G60, GTI, 2E

The up to 30% stronger expansion steel of the ARP products can withstand higher loads and pressures. The tensile strength is about 1400 N/mm². For comparison: a standard 10.9 screw only has a tensile strength of 900 N/mm".

With ARP screws / stud bolts, even extremely high boost pressure can be driven without any problems regarding the bolting of the cylinder head to the block. The strauben / stud bolts are made of 8740 chrome-molybdenum steel and have rounded threads.

We also stock ARP products for various other engines - please ask for details.

More Informations:

VW Model / Engine CodeCorrado 53i (PG) G60 1,8 Ltr. 160 HP 1988-1993 Golf 2 19E (PG) G60 1,8 Ltr. 160 HP 1990-1991 Passat B3 35i (PG) G60 1.8 Ltr. 160 HP 1989-1993
Cylinder head studs ARP G60

This product is compatible with:

Performance kit VW Golf G60 Stage 4 - approx. 260 PS

Tuning kit to approx. 260 PS for VW Golf 2 G60 (MKB: PG) with TP G65 G-charger and cylinder head machining.

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